Some people who want to sell a home fast without conducting a repair job in their house, look forward to selling a house ‘as is in Ohio. Whether you want to give away your inherited home or old home, you can sell your home without doing any repairs.

Ohio real estate agents have expertise in selling houses ‘as is in Ohio. The sellers who want to avoid repairs such as fixing the old heating system, repairing a roof, etc., in the house or lack funds to do so, can sell the house in its present state.

However, the downside is that if you want to sell your home in “as is” condition, you will get a lower-priced offer. Let us delve deeper and know how to sell a house fast in Ohio in ‘As is.

‘As is’ home sale

On average, the home sales price is usually $281,176 in Ohio, as per June 2022 data. The average days home is there in the Ohio market is 32 days.

While some seller who has time and bandwidth observe the minor repairs needed, contact the contractors to complete the job, and allow the sellers to present a better offer at closing. This way the buyer will also be more interested in buying the house. So, the sellers who are confident in repairing the house at a reasonable price usually do the same. Anyway, the repair cost is deducted from the seller’s pocket only.

What is ‘as is home?

“As is” sale of a home is when the home is sold in the same condition as it is currently. When no improvement is done to the property, then the house is sold “as is”. In such cases, the seller considers the offer and requests from the cash-buying companies, who aim to complete repairs. 

Here is what you need to know about selling a house as is in Ohio:

  • Such homes do not guarantee the functionality and durability of the home components like old roofs, stoves, appliances, and more.
  • When a seller begins to sell the house “as is,” the offer presented by the buyer is based on the latest condition of the property.
  • Many sellers who are fine to work with the contractors get the repairs done. The buyers can also do the same and ask the sellers to reimburse the amount at the time of closing. Hence, the main benefit is that the buyer will have a better idea of the house. Sometimes, big buyers get the repair done at a far lesser price than the seller would have spent.

The types of homes sold ‘as are’

The homes that are considered for an “as is” sale needs significant work at times. These types of homes look old and have outdated components. Obviously, this label does not make sense for the homes that are in their best condition and are ready to move in.

“As is” homes grab the attention of the investors who are on a hunt for the houses for flipping. The buyers who find these homes at a great location and with great potential are interested in such homes.

Some homes sold ‘as is are just a small part of a big estate sale. These can be inherited homes and investment properties. Sometimes the homes in which the repairs were started but could finished due to the lack of money are also sold ‘as is.

Sale disclosure in Ohio

If you have decided to sell a house “as is” in Ohio, then it is essential for you to declare all the problems related to the home in writing. It is good for the sellers to fill out the Residential Property Disclosure Form. This needs to be done before listing the home. The same is also done at the time of requesting the offer from the buyer.

As per the document, the seller must answer all the necessary questions mentioned in the disclosure form. In case you are not aware of something or do not find it relevant, then you mention not applicable in the form. In case you do not know an answer or don’t remember it, like when was the roof of the home repaired, you can mention ‘unknown’ in the form.

Filling out the form may include the things such as the type of water supply system, sewer system, whether there was any damage to the property due to the fire accident, whether there are material defects in the house, etc. It is also crucial to mention the details of the things like termite damage, electrical defects in the home, plumbing issues, and any hazardous materials present in the home like lead and asbestos.

Based on the type of way you select to sell your house, you can mention the information related to these disclosures. Also, it is essential to note that if you haven’t stayed in the Ohio home, then you will not get any exceptions.

How to sell ‘as is in Ohio?

Here is how you can consider selling a house as is in Ohio

List your home using a real estate agent

A qualified real estate agent will help you with the process of listing your home “as is.” The agent has all the details and the ability to close the sale fast. They know how to fill out the form, make a simple presentation, offer you the best tips to market the home well, and set the correct price for your home, to invite a lot of buyers. He will also help you with knowing your home’s condition and finding a buyer who is fine to buy your home in its latest condition.

You can easily find an agent near you, who has experience in selling homes ‘as is in Ohio. The agent knows the local contractors too, who can make your house look appealing and make repairs at a low cost.

Sell to a cash buyer

It is one of the best options to sell your home “as is” to a property investor or cash home-buying company. we buy a home for cash or iBuyers buy homes “as is”. They may offer discounted rates but often buy homes that need major repairs.

Well, a house usually needs repair frequently. The old houses need major repairs. But if you don’t want to spend money and time on getting the repairs done, then you can skip not just repairs but staging and marketing too. There is also no need to schedule open houses. Once you contact the cash-buying companies, you can get a cash offer immediately. Usually, the cash companies extend an offer within a week and the deal is closed in less than 10 days.

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