Hawaii's real estate has hit an all-time high with nearly 22.8% over the past year. It means the market has rocketed, bringing good sales bargains for sellers. Hawaii home sellers, this is the right time for quick property sales leading to more enormous profits within less time.

Besides, to make the most of your home selling process, get in touch with the best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii for quick property sales. Working with a discount real estate agent helps you save 5-6% commission on traditional realtors for the same quality service. Check out our rankings of Hawaii's best discount real estate brokers.

Best Discount Real Estate Brokers In Hawaii: Company Rankings


Houzeo.com is a tech-centric For Sale By Owner website and real estate platform that gives you access to only realtors' tools. The platform offers an excellent combination of maximum savings, cutting-edge technology, and 5-star customer support.

The company operates nationwide and has successfully provided exposure to MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, and hundreds of other websites. Houzeo's discount real estate brokers are one of the top rankers in Hawaii and other parts of the United States of America.

How Does Houzeo Work?

Houzeo operates on a flat fee plan available in four plans with additional services and zero hidden fees. Every package provided by Houzeo is affordable and fits every seller's budget. The best plan of the platform that is preferred by many is Houzeo's Silver and Gold plan.

The company's flat fee packages help sellers save the maximum on real estate agent commission by providing the likewise services at a discounted price. Moreover, Houzeo's cutting-edge technology delivers timely services to buyers and sellers that no other platform offers  Chrisley Knows Best Daughter Dies

Unlike many discount real estate brokers' websites in Hawaii, Houzeo is 100% online. The website makes listing a home easy and quick. Moreover, contracts are auto-generated, and turn-around time is less, especially with their 5-star customer support.

To get introduced to an unbeatable combination of savings, tech features, and service of any flat fee MLS listing service, we recommend every seller to sell their house with Houzeo.com. The website links you to their guidance of Hawaii's most satisfactory discount real estate service provider brokers for quick property sales.


OahuRE.com is a full-service real estate broker that supports sellers selling their homes with discounted commissions. The platform has given multiple home buyers, and sellers save a maximum amount while selling at a premium price.

How Does OahuRE Work?

The company functions on a commission rate of 2% on total sales, less than that of an independent discount broker and a traditional realtor. Once you've posted your request to sell a home on the OahuRE website, the platform assigns you to an agent who assists sellers at every step.

The service provided by OahuRE's full-time discount real estate agent helps you stay updated without having to contact multiple people with aid to additional benefits as well. The extra service delivered by the company is photography, a transaction management system, a showing feedback system, and a customized website.

OahuRE is a suitable platform for both buyers and sellers in general. They are credible and responsible for their services, having accumulated an impressive customer service rating of 4.9/5. However, the platform is not digitized as Houzeo, but the service is adequate.

Ideal Agent

The Ideal Agent thrives in providing a better home selling experience with a fair commission rate that fits all seller's budgets. The company is America's top discount real serving full facility throughout the U.S.

The company has constructed a prominence for only working with the top 1% of agents. On top of that, the agent matching service is free, and there is no obligation to work with a recommended real estate agent.

How Does Ideal Agent Work?

Ideal Agents take a 2% commission for selling your house and listing it on multiple MLS listing websites. With just having to pay a 2% commission, home sellers save marginal costs relative to the average traditional listing agent commission of 2.5% with assured services and additional benefits.

However, the platform takes a long time due to their policy of only working with top discount realtors. For concierge increases, sellers must speak by phone before assigning an agent. Given aspects, your home sales process gets delayed.

Due to significant site restrictions, Ideal Agent can be a complex platform to deal with. Houzeo.com, on the other hand, helps sellers list their properties within eight business hours and gets the house sold in two weeks.

Real Estate Agency LLC

Real Estate Agency, LLC is a full-service discount brokerage in Honolulu and has brokered hundreds of buyers, investors, and sellers for years. They offer various discount packages starting from 2% up to 6% commission.

How Does Real Estate Agency LLC Work?

The platform offers you the option to select a discount package. This gives home buyers the liberty to choose a package that suits their selling needs, saving the most on realtors fees.

The company has top agent management and works with only highly qualified and certified discount real estate brokers in Hawaii who assist sellers with in-depth market analysis and other insights into the local market.

Additional services include professional photography/videography, online marketing, and exposure to popular MLS search sites. Working with Real Estate Agency LLC can be profitable for sellers looking not to leave any money on the table.


UpNest is a discount realtor marketplace that enables buyers and sellers to compare and connect with the best local realtors in an area. They have an average customer service rating of 4.8/5. UpNest is a good website, as others listed on our blog.

How Does UpNest Work?

UpNest is quick with sellers' requirements and suggests a plan for it. Within 24 hours of signing up, UpNest provides sellers with multiple proxy lists to choose from. Moreover, sellers also have the authority to select from various discount real estate agents on this site based on their customer ratings.

UpNest operates like Houzeo in providing the most exemplary service to its clients. According to UpNest's model, agents compete to list, incentivizing them to offer low commissions. However, since there is no pre-approved commission rate, ultimately, the negotiation is up to the seller.

Therefore, sellers may pay more commissions than other low-cost real estate agents. However, UpNest claims to facilitate billions of dollars in home sales and save consumers millions in commissions, but the facts aren't given. The platform only links buyers and sellers to local agents who can quote commissions that usually do not guarantee savings. Hence, think before working with UpNest.

Final Words

Finding top discount real estate brokers in Hawaii is easy as brokers and companies are easily reachable, which leads to a quick property sale. Meanwhile, selling your house with Houzeo.com and other websites mentioned on our blog are reputable and legit. Therefore, you can opt for any website, but Houzeo will always be our top pick based on our research and market demand.